Sunday, January 26, 2014

AndThisLittlePig said Dogs Pups Stash

So the time has come to introduce you to our new Long Dog... so this is Katie as she is today.
The scar on the bridge of her nose is not the only scar she carries.
This was the first photo we saw of Katie on the local pound's (shelter) facebook page, Mum said she had a kind... sad eye.
This is Mum's Scarlett, she had been visiting to help Katie settle in, as Katie lived with Mum for around three months.
I think Scarlett enjoyed her visit, she certainly loves 'pink bunny' it may have to go home with her :@
Puppy photos... do you know how hard it is to choose which photos to leave out. So a simple collage of group photos.
This is one of the black and tan girls, looks content doesn't she?
Little Chocolate girl... still considering Maude :@
So yesterday I went to pick up the girls bulk chicken necks and called in at craft store, this is for a young friends first baby, not due to June, and seeing as I don't know the sex had to be neutral. Have christen the quilt RLB. Going to be simple design, hope to start later tonight or as this is the Australia Day long weekend.

Oh Happy Australia Day!!! Nice quiet day with the girls.

Decided to give the blog a bit of a face lift. What do you think?

So until next time... Libbie :@
with The Pirate Meah Moo, Quincy, Katie, Pippie plus Four


  1. I see what you mean by skin and bones. Poor Katie! I'm so glad she's found a good home with you. Love the puppy pictures! Love Scarlett with Pink -- so cute! Nice quilt fabrics!

  2. Awww, so much cuteness! I hope Katie is settling in well.

  3. I just want to pop into your pictures and give the pups a hug or 2 or 3....Happy Australian Day. I like the new header....but oh so love the pups....

  4. Soooo happy to see you posting again! I've thought of you often over the past few months! The pictures of your little family are priceless. Best wishes and prayers for a blessed new year!! *Hugs*

  5. I love the pictures of the long dogs and the sweet babies! We have missed you and the long dogs.

  6. I like the blog, changed mine too. Oh those little chaps, gorgeous!

  7. Great to see you posting again and I'm so happy Quincy had 4 healthy pups and is doing well. Congrats on adopting Katie, she looks sleeker and happier already.