Wednesday, January 29, 2014

AndThisLittlePig said Quilts and Puppies

So I've finished the top of my RLB baby quilt, finished it last night actually, tomorrow it is off to be quilted, I'm really happy with it, photo not that great snapped quickly this morning, and only a small corner section.
Where would a post go (my third for 2014 and already posted as much as I posted in 2013) without puppies photos.
I've named my chocolate girl, well it's sticking at the moment.
Meet Harriett... my cousins Long Dog had pups on Australia Day, one of each I told her to call them Harriett and Ozzie, and she said no more like Matilda and Aussie, and it was like Bingo!

Quick post it was the 28th when I started this and now it is the 29th.

So until next time... Libbie :@
with The Pirate Meah Moo, Quincy, Katie, Pippie plus Four


  1. Oh goodness, it's only the 28th here and you're off to bed, can't cope! Love the name. That elephant fabric is great.

  2. Oh I love Harriet for a name and she is beautiful....

  3. Great quilt, and my -- the puppies are growing away! So cute!

  4. Very cute quilt, and love the puppy pics!