Thursday, January 30, 2014

AndThisLittlePig said Timberrr

A little over three weeks ago, one of the big gum trees (Eucalyptus) in my back yard dropped a big limb onto my back fence, which was just well... it could have been worse the fence is due to be replaced in the next couple of weeks, so not really too big a deal, until I had a couple of 'tree' men look at them with the view to taking them down.

This was when things went down hill. The bigger one had a crack, so today was the day they both came down.
My big trees today in the early morning light, from the neighbours front gate.
The one on the right is the 'bad' tree, close to 80 feet, and yes if it had come down, it would have hit my home or worse still the neighbours, right over their bedrooms.
This is just before I had gone to work, they had been at it about an hour.
Believe it or not as solid as this looks, the top was quite rotten. TM (tree man) 'One of the most frightening trees he had ever been up.'
Photo from my lovely neightbour T, took about four hours to take out the top of the tree.
Missed photographing timber by mere seconds. Never realised the second tree actually leaned towards T's house.
Hard Work
Both Gone
All that remained when I returned home.

Still have to have the stumps ground out, on the upside firewood for winter, downside, there goes all the afternoon shade from my yard, and as much as I loved these trees they had become dangerous, and they took all of the moisture out of the ground, so will be able to have a lawn and a nice vege garden.

So until next time... Libbie :@
with The Pirate Meah Moo, Quincy, Katie, Pippie plus Four


  1. My sympathies. We had to have a huge maple tree taken down in our yard last year. It kept dropping branches on our cars, and once a branch on the power lines to our house. Same sort of thing -- slowly dying and had to go. We miss the shade for sure, but we don't miss living dangerously with the tree around.

  2. What a shame they had to go, but for the best by the sounds of things!

  3. Sorry to see that the trees had to come down but a new veggie garden, nice. Hope Meah is recovering ok. The puppies are sure growing and oh so cute.

  4. Sorry for the trees but what a great pictures you took.