Saturday, March 5, 2011

And This Little Pig said Cats and Dogs on the Farm

I decided it was time for the farm cats and dogs to have their own post.

This is Molly our LGD, she is a Maremma, this is the sight that usually greets Mum on her way up to the goats every morning.
She is a big bundle of love, well until you don't belong, and are trying to touch or take an animal that is hers. Or if you are a fox or strange dog, then she becomes all business.
We have six farm cats, that live in the milking bail, feed shed, and hay shed, this is the only ginger cat we have at the moment. And he finds the strangest positions to sleep in... on top of a bag of chaff.
One of the five grey tabby farm cats, taking a rest just off the path outside the feed shed.
Now this is someone I have never told you all about, this is Chobe, my old man, he is a Hungarian Vizsla. And yes he does live with me, but he is a kennel dog, not an inside boy. I should say he is a yard dog, as he spends most of his day out in the yard, only going back to the kennels at night, he has full access to all runs. There are four, and a main yard, so he has four different kennels to sleep in, and he does rotate around them all.

Chobe is my last show champion, and will be 13 this June, still as active as he was as a puppy, and he survived a snake bite 5 years ago, that really should have been the end of him. But he powers on, with no real signs of slowing down. Don't you wish you were this fit at... lets see the first dog year equals 10 human years, and every year after that equals 7 years... So 7 x 12 = 84 + 10 = 94!
Chobe has never much enjoyed the farms "big dogs", but as long as he is close to me, he is willing to be brave.
Oh Danni, a dewlap on Luis is like one big double chin :D

Nite LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Thank you for sharing those photos. I love the photos of Chobe. What a handsome old man. And Molly is a beauty too. It is always wonderful to see a dog who does the kind of work they are bred for. Sounds like that is what Molly does.

  2. all the pictures of 'the kids' :o)

  3. I *love* Molly and Chobe - what sweet and happy faces to see around the place!
    And what good farm kitties - they all look really comfortable with farm life - lol.
    Thanks for the dewlap clarification, Libbie. :-)