Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednesday

Yes I have been rather slack with my Cow-Day's, but today I took five minutes to have a quick walk up one lane of cattle. Thankfully I picked the right lane and the cattle co-operated.

First there was this calf who was playing hide and seek from behind his mum.
Originally I thought this calf had dreadlocks in her ears.
On zoom it was almost like they had been dipped in bleach... maybe she visited the hairdressers?
We had a bullock day, which is were we line up big mature steers, over 130 of them. They are so big that we only put 5 or 6 on the weighbridge, instead of the usual 10 to 12 steers. They average anything from 650-750 kilos (1430-1500 pounds). Photographed across one of the pens.
This is something you rarely see these days, a dairy cow with a freeze brand. With ear tags now carrying computer chips, and dairies becoming more and more technological. There is no further need for freeze branding.
Pups are doing well and getting into mischief! Mum is 100% better, and it rained tonight, which is becoming greatly needed.

Nite LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Oh those pups, gorgeous! I'm struggling with finishes too - I've only got the one so far. I ran out of thread for one of the BBD ones but hoping to pick more up this weekend. I do miss haveing an LNS up the road - I was spoilt, I know - deep sigh! Just realised I'm responding entirely to the previous post!

  2. They look like Sunday naps on the couch! :)

  3. Aw...Libbie, your cow pictures always give me a chuckle...dreadlocks and bleached ears! ROTFL And what a cutie, the little calf hiding from his mum!! Just wanted to let you know, I saw your comment just AFTER I updated my last blog entry with a PIF contest. If you want to enter, please go back and read the rules and resign my blog!! *Hugs* (Thanks for the comment!!)