Thursday, March 3, 2011

And This Little Pig said Some Goat Photos

You know my blog is about stitching mainly, but with everything going on, I have had very little time to do so, Mum is off to the Doctors tomorrow and she is feeling much better every day.

Anyway as my profile says, Mum has been breeding Dairy Goats for over 30 years, so I took the opportunity last week to take some more candid photos.

The breeding season is about to start here, so there is a lot of sparring and fighting going on among the does. This Shay Luisa, the upcoming breeding season will her second kidding. Here's hoping this year will be better than last year. Can you believe she had C-section just under four and a half months ago.
Luisa was putting on quite a display. The head butts just make you shudder with the force that they hit.
Shaylarna, is Shay Luisa's younger half sister, this will be her first year breeding. We don't breed our young does until they are 15-18 months, so they kid for the first time around two years of age.
The girls get molasses every morning, and it is a real mob scene, it's all frothy and looks like very big buckets of cappuccino.
This is my Shaylina, she is a very colourful girl, and is recovering from a very nasty case of mastitis, her show career will be over, but she will live on to breed for us.
The girls out for a graze, they are from left to right Shaleah, Sailah, Shaylarna, Ethena (white goat), Shyla, Shaylina, and one of the Saanen goatling it's either Cyerra or Callie. Sorry can't tell from the rear view :D
The boys said, don't forget us. This is Ted, he is usually lovely and snowy white, but... well don't ask... breeding season. Oh and they are rather smelly.
Ted giving a profile shot of his beautiful beard.
Ted's son from our beloved Jenny, this was her last gift to us, his name is Connery S or Sean. He is only six months old, don't you just love his forelock, and the beginning of a beard.
Last but not least a silhouette of the Old Man of the shed, Luis. That is not a beard but a dewlap, a breed feature. We sold Luis three years ago, and part of the deal was that if he was ever offered for sale that we had first right of refusal, image our surprise 12 months ago, when a good friend of ours rang to say he has just brought him, and could we pick him up from a show we were attending. Thankfully he allowed Luis to remain with us :D
Puppy update... they are not happy with me, tonight was worming night, I am definitely not there favourite human :(

Nite LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Oh that Shaylarna! What a face...thank you for sharing them...

  2. Great pics! Look at those floppy ears, I love them! Gosh, they look to be about 3 times the size of my Pete and Reggie. Ted is a very handsome fellow and Sean is adorable!
    Gosh, I looked and looked at that last picture, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what I'm looking at - what is a "dewlap"?
    Sweet puppies, they'll forgive you once you scratch their milk-filled bellies tonight. :-)

  3. I have just fallen in love with Connery........

  4. Love the goats :o) Look at that beard!