Sunday, May 22, 2011

And This Little Pig said Crazy Finish No 5

Firstly WOW really have been overwhelmed by the comments for my upcoming blogoversary... all I can say is Thank You!

And secondly... What A Weekend!

Work had an auction yesterday, a nursery closing down. Over 3000 plants! But it all went so well. The clients had everything perfectly set out, and catalogued, so it ended up being a breeze and to top it off, a beautiful autumn day, our 'office' was set up in a sunroom. Lovely views, bright, nice and warm. I said to the client, 'oh I could just curl up in a chair and stitch.'
Finish number five of the Crazy January 2011 Challenge, LHN 2010 Ornament Peppermint Twist. I loved doing this particular ornament, I have always admired every finished Peppermint Twist I have seen. I do have the little candy cane button, and am still trying to decide how and if I will attach when I finally 'finish finish' all the ornaments.
Also close to a finish with LHN 2010 Ornament He's A Flake, Snowman himself is all but finished, just his shoelaces, and a few stitches in his hat. I have a thing for quaker snowmen.
The reason I am so close to another finish... well I had a lazy day, after three weekends in a row of working big auctions, I was owed... didn't do much housework, just a couple loads of washing, along with the breakfast dishes, spent the in-between time, sitting up in bed on the bed, watched a couple of DVD's and the motor racing (I love motor racing, currently watching the Spanish Grand Prix).

The Dachshund girls spent the day laying around the heater, while Meah spent the day on the bed with Mum.
Also a couple of weeks ago, I had a day at work by myself, so Podge came to work with me, and played secretary for the day. And what did I learn from this, I need to dust the side of my chair.
Well nite all, and if you haven't entered, don't for get to enter my blogoversary giveaway... LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Gorgeous finish. And not long to go on the snowman who's already looking great too.
    Love the picture of your dogs. Both are so cute.

  2. cute babies! Love the ornie finish.

  3. Good idea to finish the ornaments now! I've stitched other quaker snoman last year. (Scroll down to the bottom.) Say hi to cute pups from Ms. Limo!

  4. ooo lovely finishes and almost ones lovely furbabies and I think Podge enjoyed the day at the office .. take care love mouse xxxx

  5. Lovely finish on your Peppermint Twist!! He's a flake is coming along nicely too (I love quaker snowmen too! I have those Aury TM patterns!)- Wish I had been around for your auction!! I love plants! Your little doggies are so cute, and so sweet to keep you company. *hugs*

  6. Great finish on Peppermint Twist. He's a flake is looking good too

  7. Love. love, love your finish and almost finish. But I just adore your sweetheart on the chair. She looks like she belongs there always. :) I bet she just loves going to work with you.

  8. Congrats on your finish Libbie! You did a great job with it :o)

    Sigh! I just can't get over how much Podge looks like my Brie :o( Please give her a good snuggle from me :o)

  9. Cute weenie dog. I have one too but she is a standard size.

    Love peppermint twist. I just picked up the chart today.