Sunday, May 1, 2011

And This Little Pig said Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Yes my posting has been very patchy lately, so just to add some pressure I've started a blog for the dogs, will continue to post photos here, but most of their photos will be on the new blog... Long Dog. I promise to always let you know when I have posted new piccies.

The last two boys went last week, the chocolate boys. All the pups have new names... black & tan girl Roxy, black & tan boy Alvin (yes he was named by a six week old boy) the two chocolate boys who I was calling Cadbury & Nestle, are now Haydos & Gilly.

Podge is still Podge, and she is now sleeping in my bed much to Meah's disgust! Would you look at that face! Don't let the innocence suck you in :D
It was a beautiful autumn afternoon, the sun was shining, well for most of it, and the washing was mostly dry, and I was re-potting some plants when this fine little spiders web caught my eye. Spiders are definitely not my thing, but it was so delicate, that the unseen eight legged creature surely wasn't very big!
A very artistic spider, to create a heart shaped centre. Maybe her name is Charlotte?
I brought a new geranium over Easter, something I rarely do, but the flower was so vivid and tiny.
Never try and photograph laying on the ground, while the dogs are in the yard with you!
I would get in trouble from Meah if I didn't include a photo of her, and froggie.
I would also like to report that stitching has been absolutely non-existent, but hope to change that over the next couple of day. I have been doing a little bit of knitting, just can't seem to get craft motivated, and I have the month from hell starting in May... three straight weekend's of work, two cattle sales, and an auction which involves a nursery clearance, 1000's and 1000's of plants. Then Mum wants to go to a show the last weekend in May.

Plus... Plus I have my first blogoversary coming up at the end of May, also closing in on 100 posts as well, so will have to organize my first ever giveaway. Ahhh!!!!!

Oh and while talking about blogoversaries, Edgar is having his 4th, and is having a giveaway, here is the link Edgar - Blacksheep's Bit of the Web.

Nite for now, hoping to have some stitching for you this week.
LiBBiE in Oz


  1. Well, must be strange having all the pups the look on Podges face. The spider web is absolutely lovely! Will check out the new blog....

  2. Podge just melts my heart :o) Thanks for sharing the photos Libbie!

  3. Sounds like you won't have time to stitch. Love your photos.

  4. Oh my has Podge grown into a little beauty. Love, love love the spider web photos. And Meah is a darling as ever toting her froggie. That's the only kind that should be at a stitchers house. :)
    Good luck with all the sales and try to find a few minutes for yourself. I so understand that kind of business. :)