Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And This Little Pig said Bellow

Nine days into winter, and it has finally struck, while the sun was shining, there no heat, and as the day went  on a cold breeze turned into a freezing, piercing wind.

Cattle numbers were down, more to the fact that we have had good rain, than that it is so cold... Oh look I sound like what I am, a cattle auctioneers secretary.

I think I have a thing for bellowing cattle, managed to snap this little fellow below, obviously looking for mum.
Isn't it interesting, how half a step to the right, and then a full two steps to the right, can have such a dramatic effect on a photo. The first two below are the same beast, the third is different, but both were in the same pen.
And because I couldn't resist here is the bellower again (yes it is the same photo except in portrait.

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  1. What beautiful cows, what kind are they?? Not being a farmer I have no clue.