Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And This Little Pig said Rabbits and Intros

Okay, some Intros and Cross Stitch.

First my baby, well she is 2, but she is still my child, Meah is a mini foxie, and came to me by way of a friend. I'll leave her story to another day. But here she is sitting on my washing, when she has a perfectly good bed!
Next is my Quincy, miniature Dachshund, chocolate and tan, she is a half sister to Tatty's pups, same sire.
His Royal Highness Normie, Mum's cat demanded to make an appearance, he is a mistake mating, Cornish Rex father, Burmese mother. Normie is quite confused at the moment because up until Tatty came home in the family way, they were best friends, and now he is not even allowed to look sideways at the puppies. He was so glad when Quincy came home for a visit... Long playmate.
My current cross stitch project is a rabbit in mirror image, I have an idea on how I want to finish this, just whether it works. 

Raw linen 30 count, over 2. Dark Rabbit DMC 3371 finished and Lt Rabbit DMC 3864 nearly halfway done.
Plus my mystery piece, can you guess what it is? This has been put to one side, because I have to finished the Rabbits they are off to America, to live with a non-crafty friend, have to be done and gone by mid-July.


  1. Love your pets! Also like the rabbit's not sure what the mystery stitch is but it is supposed to be a mystery! :0)

  2. What sweet faces! And of course she's sleeping on your fresh laundry, don't you know that's THE coziest spot in the house? My Roxy pup always chooses that spot first, too. LOL