Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And This Little Pig said Farm Eggs

While home for the Queen's Birthday Long weekend, I managed to get some farm photos, so farm eggs and chooks.

We have many breeds of chooks, and I hope to get to most of them, but in this blog, Barnevelders.

We have had Barnies for over 30 years, they are a lovely dark brown laced chook, that lay a beautiful brown egg.

Our pullets (young hens, on point of lay) are allowed to roam out during the day, mostly in the hayshed, and around the goats, before being locked up at night, to save them from Mr Fox.

Well young pullets and chooks in general can lay in some of the most unusual places, this years batch decided that the base of the 44 gallon drum, which seems to contain many years worth of baling twine, was the best place.
And once they were moved down to live with the hens
I was trying to get the Barnie roosters attention, and was whistling, every time I whistled, he stood on one leg
Then the hens decided to play ring a ring a rosie
You can just see this hen saying... 'Look she has that damn camera... again.'


  1. I love all of your photos...you take great pictures....I am a trekke fan too and I love your Pin Cushion....

    What are you stitching on next or stitching on now?

    I am now a follower on your Blog and if you are not already a follower on my Blog please add yourself....

    Take care & Happy Stitching

  2. Oh my goodness, your pictures are HILARIOUS! That shot of Barnie standing on one leg after you whistled had me laughing out loud!! (He's a beauty, isn't he? Don't know that I've ever seen a comb that large!)
    I see you collect baling twine, too. lol

  3. Yes it was funny, I kept stopping and starting, to see what he would do, and he kept standing on one leg, the hens they could have cared less.

    Yep we all collect baling twine... women's wire :D