Saturday, June 5, 2010

And This Little Pig said Frogs

Like all of us, we collect, mine is frogs and pigs, and while I can say that I have never stitched a pig, I have done plenty of frogs, so here are a few from years past that have been framed.

First is Wimbledon... Green Tree Frog, chart Ross Original by Graeme Ross, and yes I finished him while watching Wimbledon. I love Graeme Ross charts, completed 7 of them.
Ever had a piece of work, that you just couldn't frame? I call this frog my Framing Fantasy, and the only piece I will ever go to this extreme to frame.

Two wonderful ladies do my framing, and we spent an hour with this little frog who measures all of 2.5 x 1.75 inches. I think we tried every frame in the shop. We had this nice gold frame, but it just wasn't enough, so as a joke, we decided to try this big heavy dark green, gold trimmed frame, it was too much. Then the framers God bless their little hearts thought 'Oh double frame', and put them both together. It worked, we spent more time saying it was ridiculous and too expensive to frame such a small piece in this way. More frames tried, nothing worked. So my Framing Fantasy ended up being 20 x 18 inches, and is absolutely not ridiculous, but Devine.
I photographed this afternoon three hours apart, light difference is amazing, so is the reflection in the glass. That is the small gum tree across the road.
Plus photos of my two little helper frogs.


  1. Really beautiful framing and love the stitching too.

  2. Wimbledon is so the framing! My daughter is into frogs too and would love your work.