Friday, July 16, 2010

And This Little Pig said More -How I Did It- Than -Tutorial

This is more of a 'How I Did It' than a Tutorial, as there are plenty of tutorials out there for this sort of thing, I just chose to do my pincushion/pinkeep a little different.

When I was doing my Rabbit/Rabbits, I didn't want to 'hop' on the sewing machine and sew round the edges, turn it back the right way out, stuff and then try and hand stitch a neat little edge which I hoped wasn't 'that' visible.

I know my limitation, when I did a quilting course many moons ago, a couple of us decided to create an AA group... Appliquer's Anonymous.

I digress, first, I don't like to stuff, the feel just isn't right for me, it's always lumpy even when it's not, so I use wadding the flat quilting kind.

Copied a template from the outline of one of the Rabbits, just a little smaller. Folded the wadding so it was four pieces thick, pinned the template, and cut out. Loosely tacked/backstitched the pieces of wadding so they wouldn't move.
Whip stitched round the top of the Rabbit/Rabbits, then inserted the wadding, and continued whip stitching the edges together.
The shape made it difficult to pull the edges together in places, but overall not too bad. I think that if and when I do something like this again, I won't have as many acute angles, make it more square.

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