Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And This Little Pig said Wednesday and Wet

Yep it's Wednesday and it's wet again, I have gone back and done a quick survey of my Wednesday moo cow posts.

Post number 11
Dry and bright 5
Wet and miserable 5
Inbetween 1

But seriously this is one of the wettest Wednesday's I have had at the yards. Not heavy rain, just constant, miserable, wet :D 

But not complaining I get to sit in an office, only have to go out on the catwalk when the cattle are being sold if I want to, and then get to sit in another office to weight the cattle... but today I did all of this with-out-coffee!

So everything today just seemed to be a little bit out of reach.
Peeking out...
leaning on...
and just getting wet

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