Sunday, July 4, 2010

And This Little Pig said New Arrival

We have a new addition, this is Evie, I picked her up yesterday, a 2 year old black & tan mini smooth Dachshund.
She is a little out of sorts, I don't think she has been handled or patted, no house training, there is not a lot of confidence, but there is much wagging of tails, she comes were she is called, not that she has wandered far from me.

Most importantly, all three dogs are showing each other proper amount of respect. Quincy is just, 'Yes, another Dachshund!' Meah, is 'Oh... another Dachshund.'

I am her new best friend, I have liver treats. Well now that she knows what they are, which is a little sad, but in true Dachshund style, once she knew it was food, and tasty little tidbits, like she has never had before, she was all for it.

Exploring... I'm telling you there is something there! It was the next door neighbour.
And the collar has to go, but not just yet, we'll give it about a week.
I'm about ready to murder my camera, it takes a good photo, one minute, and then well... these four photos were taken one after the other, virtually the same place in the yard, same light, same distance. Two are as clear as, the other two look, well I don't like how they look, like the zoom is all wrong, and I used the same setting for all four.

I've never been happy with the colour, it's always been a little wishy. Looks like it time to pull out the old Kodak, it never fails.

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  1. She's adorable. She looks like my first dog, Heidi. It sounds like she's found a very good home.