Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And This Little Pig said Updates All Round

Just a general update. Le Tour de Pig is finish, all backstitching done, have started another le Pig. 
Actually started my major work (wip1) still a mystery, started the first colour.
An early Spring is on the cards, while doing yard work last weekend, I was lucky enough to catch these parrots--Eastern Rosella's--checking out this old down pipe next door as a nesting box.
I had a chat with the male, told him this probably wasn't the best place to nest that I didn't think the babies would be able to get out. I do believe they have taken noticed, as they have not been back. Which is a disappointment in one way, but a hollow log is a better option.
Okay you must be getting sick of my roses, but I left the Camille Pissarro flower until this last weekend to finally prune, love the way the stamens dry off.
My Gourmet Popcorn continues to flower, has all winter.
Day out on Sunday, belated birthday lunch with friends at a local nursery, their cafe is divine, we were lucky to get a table, forgot to ring ahead and reserve. Lovely sitting just in the sun and right next to an outdoor gas heater. Was very restrained, I only brought one new rose, but that was only because I couldn't find the other two I was looking for... purchased a Delbard, France Libre, very appropriate considering my love of the Tour de France. I can't wait for it to flower.


  1. The roses are so beautiful. I love them. Our rose season was in June and it was beautiful roses on our street.

  2. Your pig is adorable. The roses are beautiful...they are my favorite flower. I have three rose bushes and just love to watch them bloom. (I need to take some pics of them soon...thanks for the reminder...lol)

    Shannon in PA

  3. Really pretty roses and your little pig really stands out since you have added the back stitching.

  4. Cool parrots in your yard, could you set up a box they could use?? Like the new start, looking forward to seeing what it is.

  5. What a cute pig, I just love those colors. Your flowers are beautiful, such pretty colors and the orange one is outstanding. I envy your wild bird population, especially your sulfur crested cockatoos. I would love to have these birds in my backyard.

  6. Love the pig, am rather partial to them lol.