Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And This Little Pig said Surprise Visitor

Woke this morning, well we were awake, just being lazy and watching the morning news in bed. When there was this thump, thump noise getting closer and closer. Pulled the blind in time to see the Westpac Rescue Helicopter landing on the football field across the road.

Well up and out of bed, grabbed the camera... oh wait, don't think the neighbourhood wants to see me in my pj's so quickly threw on trackie pants and top, flattened the hair as best I could, out the door.

The footie field is often used for an emergency landing, especially at night, as they can light it up so well, the landing pad at the hospital, can often be fogged in or on a windy day, has big trees too close to the pad, and it was a foggy morning.

Took the first photo at 7.36am and the last as it flew out at 7.56am.
The rescue truck, not a good sign, usually means something really major, either a bad car accident or a mine accident. Ambulance arriving in background, and thankfully there was only one.
Patient loaded, doors closed, getting ready to lift off. I didn't take (and don't as a rule) any photos of the patient on the stretcher. Everyone around them was calm, and no frantic rushing.
Lifting off, I was taking photos with the little boy next door 3.5 years old, and he was really funny, he was watching through the camera, but every time I took a photo and the camera 'froze' for those few seconds, he would look up, and then back down to watch through the little view screen.
Gone... and no offense please don't come back anytime soon.
Found out when I got to work it had been a motorbike versus a truck accident, the bike rider is listed as critical and was flown out to a major regional hospital.

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  1. It's always a sad sign when the rescue copters come. Hope the patients are doing better.