Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednes-Day

I thought it was time I gave my Wednesday pictures a name... Cow-Day-Wednes-Day... which has to be better than than cow time, or something as boring as cow pictures, and while I do not always take photos of cows, you can bet that each and every beast I take a photo of had a cow as it's mother.

Well after weeks of seemingly always complaining or whinging about the weather, we had an absolutely gorgeous sunny winter's day.

It was divine!

After a week of rain and then freezing wind, and it was freezing on Monday, we had a strong wind coming off snow on the mountains, which thankfully rarely happens. Today was a wonderful surprise.

Cow-Day-Wednes-Day... Pretty Face
Some days I am flat out getting one to look at me, while I was taking Pretty Face's photo, I hadn't realised that the two across the lane were looking as well.
At this time of the year people are selling their weaners, in preparation for their cows calving again in spring. So a lot of young stock comes into the yards, straight off their mums, so a lot of bellowing has been going on.

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