Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And This Little Pig said le Pig No 2 and Updates

Had not realised I had been so quiet, and that is because I have been busily stitching, and getting ready for my annual pilgrimage home for the kidding season.

I have night watch, which means getting out of a nice warm bed in the middle of winter and traipsing up to the shed/barn several times a night and sometimes settling down in a quiet corner to watch. We have five or six Does due between 16 to 19 August, and this is only the first wave.

So I plan on a lot of baby goat and farm photos in the 9 to 10 days I'm away.

I have been busy stitching, but only smalls, I found I couldn't resist and have started another le Pig. Isn't she lovely, reverse colours this time.
Plus I have been getting ready to participate in my first exchange, I am so excited. A stitched bookmark, well I have the stitching done, just have to finish. Which I am still trying to decide how, then post. 

See doesn't it look lovely...
Sorry if all of a sudden you were going no... no... don't show us :D

I have been so in the mood, that I have started another simple little bookmark, this one is different, plainer and Australian. I may as well finish two as one. Have offered to be an angel stitcher if required. Don't quite know what has gotten into me.

And yes that is frogging holes you can see, I wasn't happy with the border colours, so decided to change them.
So if this bookmark doesn't end up with someone special, I might just keep for myself or it may become a RAK.
Rambled and prattled enough.



  1. I love your stitching Libbie! Your little pig is going to be so cute! Can't wait to see the "top secret" bookmark, I'm sure the recipient is going to love it too! Can't wait to see pictures from your "night watch", it's making me tired just thinking about the work you'll be doing! *Hugs*

  2. You've been busy busy stitching!