Thursday, August 19, 2010

And This Little Pig said Farm Day 6

Well it's Day 6 or evening, and we are waiting on one or our old does to kid. This will more than likely be her last kidding, we will have to wait to see how she is after this kidding.

Busy sort of day, we ended up having to go back to Ag-Quip, we left behind a pair of hoof shears we had brought, silly us.

It had rained over night, which made parking in a paddock fun, it took us 20 minutes to get from the front gate to park, slip sliding all the way, it was very greasy.

A view from the back door, up to the sheds and poultry. The rocks were what attracted my parents to this place, the goats love them.
Our Buff Sussex on the roost this evening.
The menagerie has been added to today, pheasants! A ringneck, with the wrong hen. 
Golden Pheasant, please excuse the pen, but when they arrived this morning, they had been in their travel boxes for 36 hours. Food, water and freedom, where higher on the list of things to do, they had arrived a week early, and an extra pair, we had two pens ready, but not three.
Golden Pheasant hen, we have to move them tomorrow. 
And a very pretty, Ringneck, mutation blue, he looks like a peacock. He at least has the right hen, even though she was hiding.
Our LGD, Molly, she is a Maremma.
My Meah.
Normie was getting upset that the puppies were getting all the attention. You can see how stressed and put out he is, simply inconsolable. 
Paw on macro.
Nose on macro.


  1. I really love all of your pictures, we used to have Nubian Goats too and at times I really miss them. They all died of old age...............

  2. Hiiii Libbieeeeee!!!
    Great pictures - love the kitty nose on macro. Look at all the cool birds you have. Pheasants - wow - I would love to raise pheasants. And quail, too, I think. But that would mean my husband would have to build me another coop - not sure I can request that particular task of him a second time. lol
    (thank you for all your sweet and lovely comments on my blog!)