Sunday, August 15, 2010

And This Little Pig said Farm Day 2

Well it has been an eventful day, we finally got down to kidding. Shaleah who is our Junior Champion All Breed Doe from the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2009.

This is Shaleah's 2nd kidding, we were unable to show her last year, as she came down with a 'Bells Palsy' which is like a stroke, and she lost all function on one side of her face, as well as the sight in that eye. It took her a good three to four months to get over this, and she is now totally back to normal. Sight and all thank goodness.

Anyway she had two big beautiful buck kids. I only photographed the first boy, as the last boy was a long time being born, and we had to go in and 'get' him. So he is not a well boy tonight. Both were breech presentation, so the last boy has a lot of mucus. We actually thought he had been born dead.

Both boys are tucked up nice and warm in our kid room, we hand raise all our kids, so hopefully in the morning I will be able to take photos of a much brighter boy.

Hello Mum.
Time to stand up.
Nearly there.
Finally four legs straight... well sort of.
Love :-)
Waiting for son number two.
Waiting in line.
Our Saxony ducks... Mister
The orchard, someone forgot to tell the Mulberries it was still winter.
Fig tree.
Australian Saltbush, this is used as fodder, both the goats and cows love it.
Saltbush in bud.
Is it and orange or a dog?
Sneaking a drink off Mum.
Long day. Life's hard when your a Dachshund.
Four square.
Well off to give the new boys their last feed for the night.


  1. Oh how precious, just love mommy and baby pictures. Hope they are well.

  2. Oh Libbie! Thanks for sharing these photos, I'll be back each day to see how Moms and Babes are doing. I know this season is a lot of work, but what excitement there must be as each kid is born. Love all the photos from today and yesterday, all the animals are so beautiful! So precious to see the baby kid learn to stand. I keep hearing Awwwwww in my head! *Hugs*