Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And This Little Pig said Cow-Day-Wednes-Day

Well yes it is winter, and yes we had rain and wind again, but I found I was far to busy to even get my camera out of my bag today.

It had to happen, so time to dip into the emergency photos.

I do not claim to be an expert in photography, I just like so many others like to dabble. So I don't think anyone can image my disappointment when I downloaded this photo and found it to be over exposed. Not that I really understand the over/under exposure thing, but I do try... well sometimes.

Now digital photos, can be auto corrected five ways to Sunday, but I have this nifty little microsoft program that came as an add-on to a new computer many years ago. It is Microsoft Picture It! Photo 7.0, I don't think it is available anymore.

So, my over exposed photo, which I call Damon, became a project to learn on. He seemed to take on a life of his own, and I am willing to admit to becoming quite obsessed with him.
Auto correction did not seem to work in any program used, so one day I decided to play with this feature called 'Hue and Saturation'. Well my little Damon came alive.
Then it was onto the many different effects, you know like turning a photo into a watercolour painting. These are the ones that seemed to lend themselves to Damon.

Colour Pencils
Dry Brush
Emboss and then embossed again
Glowing Lines
Glowing Lines Negative
My sister gave me Photoshop for my birthday, I can't wait to try it out, but it may have to wait until next week.

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  1. I love photoshop! I'm just learning how to use it too! What great effects you can do with it! :)