Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And This Little Pig said Day 5 Cow-Day-Wednes-Day

Well it's Wednesday, so the only cows I had to photograph were our own.

Our old girl is at the back, Missy the Jersey, and the black cow does not have a name, she is usually called the "Jersey Friesian X heifer we got from Alex".
These two are being raised on the Missy.
This is a young Jersey heifer we raised to eventually replace Missy, she is three-quarters Jersey, one-quarter Friesian... her name is Maxine, after the dairy farmer we got her from, Max.
What Maxine thinks of having her photo taken.
Another farm cat hard at work.
Yesterday, I told you about getting home in time to see the last of triplets born, this is the doe kid, isn't she beautiful, especially in her woollen 'lamb' coat. We think her name may be Symphony, she needs a beautiful big name. I will try and take a photo tomorrow without her coat.
This is one of her brothers, he was the last born, we call him the monster!
We had quads born late today, 4 doe kids, 1 kid died in-utero about two weeks ago, she was fully formed, and had hair.
Proud mum.
And of course a puppy photo, our Tilly, with her sister Milly who is going to live in Tasmania.


  1. Thank you for sharing, they are all just sooooooooooooo cute!
    Kelly ILCS

  2. I love all of the farm animals. My little girl would love to have goats but we live in the city and it's not allowed.