Monday, August 16, 2010

And This Little Pig said Farm Day 3

Day 3 on the Farm, no more kids today, maybe tomorrow.

So here is Boy No 1 today, having one of his 4 of 5 bottles for the day.
Here is Boy No 2, still not standing up, or drinking well, but he is brighter, and able to hold his head up. He is actually bigger than his older brother, and while not out of the woods, things are looking up.
We have several pieces of rock salt blocks tied up for the does, and we believe it makes a big different in kidding and getting rid of all the after bits of birth.
We actually try to hatch out the bulk of our chickens in late winter through to mid-spring, our last hatchings are usually in early October. While we have cold winters, and can get as low as -6 to -8 degrees C, we have disgustingly hot summers up to 45 degrees C. It is just too hard to raise chickens, it is hard enough keeping adult chooks alive.

So some Buff Columbian Wyandotte chickens in the brood boxes.
Farm cat in one of the warmest places in winter, on top of the brood boxes.
Peach or Nectarine in bud.
And what would a posting be without Dachshund puppies, they go on Friday, but Tilly is staying.
Puppy pile, all trying to sleep on Mum's winter rug.
Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.
This is probably the best photo I have taken of Tilly's colour, it is a real light chocolate, so different from my Quincy who is so dark. We decided today that Tilly was milk chocolate :D
Well I didn't take as many photos today, but am off to Ag-Quip tomorrow, which is the largest agricultural field day in Australia. My feet are aching already. 


  1. Very happy to see the second boy is rebounding a bit! I hope he just continues to get better.

  2. That first picture of Tilly was really great. Good to hear they are going off to good homes.