Saturday, August 14, 2010

And This Little Pig said Farm Day 1

Okay it's not day one, but day two.

I did not arrive until 5pm yesterday, and it was nearly dark, so that does not count.

I made up for it today!

Had a great day, went shopping with my cousin, we had a wonderful time, coffee, lovely piece of carrot cake, with icing to die for! Brought myself a nifty new travel mug made my Maxwell Williams, it's a double walled mug, ceramic called... coffee*to*go Great rubber lid in lime green, must remember to take a photo.

The pups have grown, and are very, very active, don't worry I took a few photos today... well 157 photos :)

Does have not officially started kidding, although one young goatling (1st kidder) went 12 days early with twin bucks, which did not survive. But Cee Dee is milking   very well, and we are very pleased, she is the spitting image of her dead grandmother.

Well onto the pictures, don't worry there are not 157. Cee Dee is first, she is a Saanen doe.
Shenika, Anglo Nubian, 1st kidder, due at the end of the month.
Shenika's older sister Shyla, a truly beautiful doe, a big milk producer, she is not due until Sept 22. And yes wouldn't you know it, there is one in every crowd, that is my Shyandra hamming it up in the background, this will more than likely be her last kidding. Pray for does.
WIDE LOAD! Shaylah, she had quads last year, looks like she will do the same this year, she is due on the 18th.
Shaylina, you know there are some days you just need a helping hand or rock to reach that itch, especially when you are pregnant.
Sai-Lah, one of Shaylah's quads from last year, with Callee... I think?
And some days you have and itch in a very unusual place, I watch Shaylarna do this three or four times, it took me a while to work out what she was doing. I thought it must be some new goat yoga, I didn't know about. 
Our Welsh Harlequin ducks, a very pretty little breed, she is sitting on around 12 eggs, and he did not like me taking photos at all.
Our beautiful blue muscovy ducks, such soft girls, a new drake came for them this afternoon, not sure they were too impressed. 
Chinese Geese
Guinea Fowl, self blues, we have lavenders as well, along with cinnamon/brown.
One of six farm cats.
Polish bantam rooster, he was so much fun, he kept 'looking' at me.
With his hens, they are such a docile little chook.
Some Chinese Silkies, we have had this little black hen for about three years now, she was very poor, and had bad leg mites. We call her Mother of Many! She has been a great little bird.
Puppy photos... action shot!
There she is our Tilly girl, the chocolate, can you see her smiling?
See I was kind, only 20 pictures! Sorry I am only working on a lap top, and don't have my favourite editing program.

Until tomorrow... LiBBiE

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  1. Goats and ducks and cats oh my. What a selection of animals you have. That one rooster is UGLY, but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.