Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And This Little Pig said Day 4

Well what a day, my feet ache, and I am very tired, but I had a great day, as I said yesterday, we went to Ag-Quip, which is the biggest agricultural field day in the Southern Hemisphere.

I think we were lucky to see a quarter of it, and we saw one row twice, and still saw things we didn't see the first time we walked it, but before I show the photos, a little farm information.

I got home in time this afternoon to see the last of triplets being born. Will take photos tomorrow, two buck kids and our first doe kid of the season, who is very pretty. First born was a tiny boy, then the girl who is a good size kid, and then came the the last boy, and he is huge, he would have to weigh close to seven kilos, this makes him a 15 pound kid, he would be massive for a single kid let alone a triplet.

On a sad note, Boy No 2 didn't make it, he refused to drink today, and just got weaker as the day went on, so was humanely put to sleep this afternoon. This is a fact of life on farms, and something that cannot be avoided.

No puppy photos today.

Ag-Quip... little tractor, I would say a good size for a woman, good little bucket in front and a mower unit underneath.
Big tractor/header type machine this was massive.
The front of this said Diamond Harrow 40 CT.
Giant silo.
And giant augers to go with the silo.
Giant Guide Dog :D
We had a steak sandwich for lunch, at the Santa Gertrudis stand, I think it might have been this bulls brother or son. It was delicious.
Murray Greys an Australian breed of cattle.
We called into this lovely stand of rope bridles and halters, SS Horsewear, Susie made us some great goat collars from left over lengths of rope, funnily enough, she had never been asked to make goat collars before... go figure.
A quick parting shot late in the afternoon, of the carpark.

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  1. Nice pictures we go to antique tractor shows all the time hum I do believe the harrow is a John Deere:)